Torrington Parks and Recreation Department
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Tobacco/Smoke and Vape Free Policy

Title: Tobacco/Smoke and Vape-Free Parks Policy
Date of Adoption: October 3, 2018
The City of Torrington is committed to a high quality of life for all residents, therefore we believe that:
  1. Tobacco/smoke and vape product use in the proximity of young children, teenagers, and adults engaging in or observing recreational and leisure activities is unhealthy and detrimental to the health of others.
  2. Tobacco/smoke and vape products once consumed in public spaces are often discarded on the ground, thus potentially posing a risk of ingestion to humans and wildlife, causing litter problems and brush fires.
  3. As parents, guardians, leaders, coaches, and officials we are thought of as role models and the use of tobacco/smoke and vape products around youth has a negative impact on their lifestyle choices.
No person shall smoke, use tobacco, or vaping products at any Parks and Recreation facility or associated parking lots, including but not limited to the following recreation areas in the City of Torrington:
  • Alvord Park
  • Armory
  • Bannon Street Park
  • Besse Skate Park
  • Bishop Donnelly Sports Complex
  • Borzani Park
  • Burrville Park
  • Charlene Susan Besse Park
  • Christmas Village
  • Coe Memorial Park
  • Elise Besse Park
  • Fuessenich Park
  • Gert Mini Park
  • Jiggs Donahue Park
  • Joe Ruwet Park
  • John Toro Sports Complex
  • Major William Besse Park
  • Oak Avenue Sports Complex
  • Oxbow Park
  • Patterson Park
  • Pleasant View Park
  • Recreation Hall/Teen Center
  • Rock Creek Park
  • Sharon Avenue Park
  • Susan Grossman River Greenway
  • William L Besse Municipal Pool
  1. Signs will be posted at all Parks and Recreation facilities.
  2. City staff will make periodic observations to monitor compliance.
  3. The community and facility users will be notified of this policy through various communication channels including but not limited to the Department website, City website, local newspaper, department brochure, and various forms of social media.
  4. Athletic associations and organizations that utilize city-owned/operated facilities are committed to enforcing this policy during all scheduled activities and special events as part of the facility use agreement.
This policy is effective immediately upon the date of adoption, which is October 3, 2018.