Torrington Parks and Recreation Department
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Torrington Park Rules and Regulations

Torrington Parks and Recreation Department Park Rules & Regulations
The following is a summary of the City of Torrington Park Rules and Regulations. Park rules will be added or updated as necessary.
  • Parks shall be open to the public from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise sanctioned by the Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • Vehicles are restricted to roads and parking lots. The speed limit is 10 mph, unless otherwise posted. Use of any snowmobile, mini-bike or all-terrain vehicle, skateboard, in- line or roller skates, and scooters are prohibited, unless otherwise sanctioned by the Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • No overnight camping or open fires are allowed.
  • Swimming, bathing, and wading is allowed only in designated swimming areas.
  • Dogs and other pets must be on a leash and under the control of the owner at all times.
    No pets are allowed on playgrounds, athletic fields, or courts at any time. Dog owners
    are expected to pick up after their pets. Hunting and disturbing wildlife is prohibited.
  • No weapons, firearms, explosive devices, or alcoholic beverages shall be brought into
    any park; and the use of golf equipment, metal detectors, or remote control airborne
    devises is prohibited.
  • No climbing on buildings or structures not erected for this purpose. Never damage, write
    upon, paint, or remove any natural resource, structures, or equipment in City Parks.
  • Public address or loudspeaker systems or other electronic audio devices are allowed by
    permit only.
  • Any groups interested in reserving City Parks and Recreation facilities for programs or
    organized events must contact the Parks and Recreation Department. No signs may be
    posted, except by special permission of the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation.
  • Littering or dumping of any household or yard material is prohibited in City parks.
  • The City of Torrington is not responsible for personal items left in City parks.
  • All City Ordinances apply.
    Thank you for helping to provide a quality park system.