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Coe Memorial Park Ordinance

Be it ordained by the Board of Councilmen of the City of Torrington that:
  1. Coe Memorial Park shall be open to the general public from sunrise to sunset, except for activities sanctioned by the Park and Recreation Commission.
  2. REGULAR ENTRANCES AND WALKS TO BE USED. No person shall enter or leave the Coe Memorial Park except by the regular approaches thereto, or walk among or through shrubs, flowers or other plantings, or cross any lawn in such park whenever a notice shall be conspicuously posted forbidding such crossing.
  3. INJURIES TO PROPERTY AND PLANTING. It is forbidden to pick, cut, break, or otherwise injure any tree, shrub, flower, or part thereof, or plant any unauthorized plantings therein.
  4. No person shall sleep upon, overturn, destroy, or remove any Coe Park seating.
  5. It is unlawful for any person to tent, camp, ore erect any type of shelter within Coe Park without the permission of the Park and Recreation Commission.
  6. Roller blading, in-line skating, skateboards, trick biking within Coe Park and or upon any steps or other paved areas of the park is forbidden.
  7. It is forbidden to deface or injure any noticed placed or posted by the order of the Park and Rec Commission.
  8. Rules and regulations shall not be construed to prohibit any employee of the park engaged in work in or upon said park from performing their duties therein.
  9. Rules, regulations, and ordinances are to be in addition to and in conjunction with the prohibitions and penalties provided in the General Statutes, City Ordinances and Park and Recreation Rules and Regulations.
  10. A violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine of not more than ninety-nine dollars ($99.00).